Australian High School Rodeo Association

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Australian High School Rodeo Association

Welcome to the Australian High School Rodeo Association (AHSRA). 

The only association in Australia that allows you to represent Australia at the National High School Rodeo Association Finals in the United States of America!


The Australian High School Rodeo Association (AHSRA) is rapidly growing in prominence as the premier youth rodeo organisation in Australia today and is affiliated and officially recognised member of the USA parent organisation the NHSRA (National High School Rodeo Association).


The Association was formed in 2000 by a group of adults, who wanted to see our Australian Junior competitors have the same opportunities as our fellow American members.  The concept behind the first High School Rodeo was to encourage rural-oriented youth to stay in school and complete their studies. A beneficial and planned side effect was the emphasis placed on providing scholarship assistance to youth who had nowhere else to turn for funding.

Education plays an important part in the total AHSRA program and in order to gain the confidence of schools around the country, the association requires high student academic standards. Members must conduct themselves in an exemplary manner with high priority on leadership and responsibility.

For those whose athletic talent carries them into the top ten in the USA, there are even greater rewards including trophy saddles, gold buckles and college scholarships. AHSRA senior qualifiers also have the opportunity to obtain scholarship assistance based on need, desire to attend university and their stated goals and objectives - all determined in front of a scholarship screening committee and not in the rodeo arena.

Photo's Courtesy of Andrew Roberts Photography